About Music Charts KE

Music Charts KE determines hits and misses of songs (local and international) in the Kenyan market.

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No Degree/Awards for this one

            Willy Paul- Digiri Duration: 3.48 Genre: Gospel Rating: * It has been a trending topic, a troll for some and a welcome dose of Willy (Poze) Paul goody by the loyal poza gang that continues to propel his career to new heights each day, almost miraculously. It’s also a clear indication that Jimmy Gait... Continue Reading →

The Love of Music: A Cult

For most every one of us, music soothes our stress, motivates our dreams, fuels our love, and most important of all, defines who we really are. My friend can’t get enough of this song I really hate, my best friend doesn’t understand why we don’t join her in doing a voodoo dance every time this... Continue Reading →

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